Don't ship mediocre

In the last couple of weeks I have made quite a bit of experience when it comes to shipping projects and designs. Today I want to share one of the lessons I've learned from doing that.

Don't ship mediocre.

Explanation needed?

If you know that something about your design could be executed better, then change it. There is no excuse for not doing it.

I often find myself ignoring bugs or things I could do better: I just want to ship the project and disregard some of the small things – details I could present better; mostly because motivation or time is lacking.

But finally as a designer, you always have to try to get the best out of every project, because everything you do represents – and defines you.

Mar 26, 2013


For 2013 I planned to finally change something about my name and personal brand.

I really hate the domains I've bought.

My first domain, is quite long and no one can really remember. Same with my second domain, which is even worse. is impossible to remember. I've mainly bought it to use it as my personal short domain (which I will do now) and instead, I put my blog on it. This will change now.


As you can see, I also got a new logo. The feedback was really nice and and so I knew I had to buy my newest (and probably last) domain:


If you follow me on social networks like Twitter or Dribbble, the only thing that will be interesting for you is If you want to work with me, the only interesting thing will be Simple as that.

It is easy to remember and no one (hopefully) would pronounce it incorrectly. When I was in America, really everybody asked how to pronounce my name properly.

Well, this has an end now and Fabian Schultz is now Fabe.

Jan 10, 2013

2012 in review

2012 was one good year. I started designing, was invited to dribbble and got my first clients. I met some awesome people from around the world and made tons of experience. It absolutely pushes me to see that people like my work and perceive my passion for it.

I was introduced to everything. Literally. I knew nothing really about design and had to learn the basic design aesthetics, but also things like responsive design, CSS3, HTML5, how to make tumblr themes and what font is used in my English textbook. Yeah, it almost happens to me everywhere.

What font is that?

My friends usually look confused when I am asking myself a question like that. But that's okay.


What now? I will probably do more than ever. School's hard and takes a lot of time, but I am going to do tons of new stuff and will create some cool things in the near future. Be excited!

Dec 30, 2012

New Shoes

I got a new blog.

Yeah, I know, I'm not the best at writing but I just have fun at blogging and so I decided to open up a really minimal blog. No tags, comments, categories or other unnecessary stuff. This is really simple here, I (probably) won't over text anybody here, but rather just throw in some thoughts regularly. I hope you enjoy.

I'll continue writing about design, development and will also review (web) apps. Starting out with the blogging platform I am using just now: It is actually not specifically made for simple and minimal blogs, but for all kinds. I am able to add or remove features on the go, and I really like that. You should totally check it out. In a few days, I'll take a closer look at it.

So, I really will try to keep it short with the posts, and so I'll also leave this post by that. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

Dec 30, 2012